Things Just Got Oily!!!

Welcome back to Eitz Chaim Wellness!

I am excited to share an exciting bit of news… I am now a doTerra Wellness Advocate and independent essential oils distributor!



As I mentioned in my last post, I grew up in a family that used essential oils back in the day – way before they were cool. As an adult, I continued purchasing my own essential oils and using them with my family. When I was expecting my first baby, I took a class on oils for {pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.} Essential oils were frequently used in our home for purifying the air, in place of over-the-counter medicines, and as natural cleaning solutions. Over the last few years, however, I got away from using essential oils on a more full-time basis. I have been in a lot of different modes. Mommy mode. Survival mode. Conversion mode. Quarter life crisis mode. Basically, everything BUT “live a healthy life” mode. It’s taken its toll and I have definitely missed essential oils!

This past January, I took a huge leap of faith and enrolled myself in a co-active life coach training program. I had this gut feeling that it was something I needed to do. Boy am I glad I listened to my instincts on that one! Coaching school changed my life in so many ways! Not only did I learn the coaching skills I needed to successfully work with clients, I did the even more important work of peeling back the layers of my own onion and doing a lot of personal growth and healing. As we dug deeper into the different aspects of coaching – clearing negative emotions, stepping out of our own stories, processing trauma, and re-parenting our inner child – I, for the first time realized the extent to which unresolved negative spiritual and emotional experiences limit us and are often times stored as physical pain in the body.

One of the very special blessings that came out of my coaching experience was connecting with my friend Michelle. We had met a year prior on a women’s retreat based on finding your life mission and had kept in touch. I was thrilled when she offered to host me on my trips to Baltimore (from Texas) for coaching school. She is an amazing coach with an extraordinary healing energy. Each coaching school session she not only showed up with so much insight to give, support to offer, but essential oils to share as well. During the intense moments of coaching school, where we sat huddled in a circle, the eight or nine of us, and dug deeper and deeper into our painful pasts… Michelle was there… with a positive affirmation… and an essential oil to support emotional wellbeing and the clearing of toxic emotions. IT MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE! AND IMPACT! For the first time, I realized not only the power of essential oils to provide natural remedies and household cleaners but even more important to support emotional and mental well-being for myself and my potential life coaching clients as well. It was the nudge I needed to get back into using essential oils personally. I was ready to place my order.

Each night after coaching school, Michelle and I would schmooze about life, coaching, and oils. I loved it! Her passion for her businesses was pretty contagious but I was really only interested in being a customer, not a distributor. As a cheapskate and introvert, network-based businesses have NEVER appealed to me. Over the years, people have tried to convince me to sell overpriced cookware, makeup, jewelry, fitness products, household cleaners, and even electricity and I had no problem saying… “Yah. NO!”

The more I talked to Michelle, the more of my questions she answered, the more and more I could see doTerra fitting into my long-term goals of providing clients a – whole person – body, mind, and soul – healing experience through coaching and down the road chiropractic care. Since I already personally use and love essential oils and can vouch for doTerra there was no inner clash of authenticity. I honestly love the oils, love doTerra, love my amazing friend Michelle for being a great advocate, and love that I have this gift to share with others now.

Don’t worry, I am not going to come at you with a spear and hunt you down, demanding you buy oils! But don’t be surprised if you see me using them, talking about them, or making big life changes. If you are open to learning about how to use oils to better all aspects of your health… I am open to sharing!

As I expand the contents of my blog, you will see more about the uses of essential oils for physical and emotional health. You can also join the Eitz Chaim Health & Wellness Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages for more a more interactive dialog about oils!

Exciting things are coming up and I am enrolled with a few friends in an essential oil camp starting mid-July! I can’t wait!

Thanks for following my journey to better health.

Sending happy and healthy vibes your way,



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